Monday, March 22, 2010

Tales from The Crypt

Holy Moly¡
bottoms up¡ has been

Hot Dog Gearheads. Especially the one on the right.

Outward Bound.
As you see here, we made the most of the northern hemisphere's snow filled winter to cram in a little action adventure shoot from the top of Mt. Killington, VT. RC took to the slopes for a little alpine fantasy reportage, creating much confusion and amusement (confusement?) amongst the sporty downhill racers.

"No, this isn't a live action Flintsones remake"

Nothing like a gentle, cool mountain breeze.
After many invigorating hours spent on the icy slopes slipping around sans skis, we sure were happy to find this pretty little wooded area in the ski lodge. Good thing we left a trail of saltine crackers to find our way back down the mountain.

Hansel and Hansel? Gretel and Gretel? Kramer vs Kramer?

Stay tuned. Next stop on this space odyssey : TORONTO!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fare thee well

It is with heavy hearts and heavy bags that we lug ourselves homeward bound. Thank you to all our wonderful new Nu Zealand mates for welcoming us into the deep crease of Jesus Christchurch.

More bloggy wrap ups with incriminating photos to come...

loving thoughts from our double sided taped bottoms up.

S + L

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ranita Zablosnky+Terry Gross=Eva Radich

WKRC in Christchurch¡
Click HERE to listen to RC's interview on RadioNZ¡

Eva, our lovely interviewer, was actually up in Wellington, so it was just RC in the sound booth discussing work, pahtners, and the benefits of benefits. Much like the weather in New Zealand (4 seasons in a day, the expression goes), we experienced the full spectrum of human emotion in our brief 14 minute interview. Love, Repulsion, Anger, Fear, Shame, Death, Rebirth, finally peaking in an endorphin bath. Wow. Thats radio, folks¡

More stories to come¡ Stay tuned for pictures from our upcoming workshop and artist talk...
xo RC

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We live there.
Holy days and nights in JesusChristchurch.

We had assumed that this mural showed a tender moment between Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mum, but no, it's just a couple of jolly NZ gals sharing a laugh.

Ye gads, do our holy days and nights fly by down here. We've been pounding the pavement on our handy, silver cylces. Here's our new bike gang: The Silverados. Members welcome...

We introduced this new style of vertical bike security to the tough streets of Jesus Crimechurch.

In addition to prowling the mean streets of ChCh, robbinschilds was pleased as Pavolva punch to receive a dinner invite to sup with the lovely
famiglia Montgomery. Kate the Great lives in a magical cottage, although who knows what goes on in her "off limits" rooms. Bootlegging psychedelic Elderflower wine Katherine? We were joined by Mont and Carm, Kate's spunky parentals, who whipped up this Pavlovian masterpiece. For those who don't know, The Pavlova dessert was invented right here in NZ. Do not believe the Australians....

NZ pride. RC adopts the Montgomerys ( The Montgomeri)

And finally here we are after a wonderful second day of shooting with John Chrisstoffels, a ChCh treasure!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

To the left to the left¡

Left is right and right is wrong here in New Zealand...
when you're driving that is¡
We rented a car and took Sonya's mum's very sage advice to repeat the following mantra:
To the left, to the left!

It took quite a bit of concentration initially to adjust to being on the wrong side of the road but we got the hang of it in no time and headed out of Jesus Christchurch to see more of this beautiful country.

Stopped in for a hot soak at Marouia springs. Sulfur baths, sand flies and Germans in a picturesque setting.

Then onto a town called Blackball best known for its salami and being the site of the most haunted building in all of NZ¡ We spent the night in the Blue, I mean Blackball Hilton and had to bravely fend off an enormous spider before drifting off, not so much, on our lumpy saggy bed that was better than the lumpy saggy breakfast. Hmm, I don't know about you but does Spaghetti O's sound like B&B fare to you?
Then to the "west coast". The wondrous Tasman Sea.
The amazing "pancake rocks" made up in spades for the breakfast debacle. Slivers of rock formations slowly being worn away by rough ocean...spectacular¡
Gorgeous river walk in lush tropical vegetation. Hats are an absolute must here just underneath the hole in the ozone.
An afternoon at "dorky park"

more tales to come... stay tuned¡
oh and P.S. we realized that Orion and all the constellations are upside down¡

xo S + L

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mission Eft Possible

Hang on Mate! get back here! Layla tries to run away from the camera outside of the Christchurch Contemporary Art Gallery.

Thanks to our mates at The Physics Room Kate and 'Nessa, we finagled our way into the grand opening ceremonies of the newly designed building.

We spent a little quality time with Nico, enjoying a spot o' sunshine before heading into tha' foyer aka lobby.

Once inside we endured eft possibly the longest welcoming speech known to wo-man-kind. However this backbreakingaching durational ritual was brigthened by the sight of Sonya and Layla circa 2040. We were only able to shoot these two awesome birds from behind, but try gentle reader, to guess who's who... Here's a hint, one of them was just before the picture happily gnawing away at a wedge of toast. Correct guesses awards you a bare bottoms up.

Who's who?!?!?!?!?!

Some local flotsam and jetsom here, in the form of birthday boy Oscar. Happy 17th Mate!

Once the speeches wrapped up, we poked around checking out the art. The gallery has a nice collection, Must give special shout out to Nathan Pohio who's wonderful diptych held us captive for a quite awhile. Bravo Nathan.

And finally, you might be wondering what "Eft Pos" could eft possibly mean? Well, it's the local method of using your debit card. So anytime you need to pay for something without cashola, you gotta ask yourself. "Hey is that really eft possible?".

The local Op Shop aka thrift store called The Cat Protection League!!!!

And finally the local Crystal Palace.

Beaming love from NZ.
your mates,

Sunday, November 29, 2009


top of the muffin to you¡ ....or mince pie anyone?

heading out for a tramp (a walk or hike) gets the appetite going, so on the way to Castle hill, we stopped in at a cafe to sample our first venison and chicken pies (all sold out of mince). imagine a mini, fluffy, handheld buttery chicken pot pie. pretty delish.
maybe the waux (coralie and ryan's van) was jealous of our little pick me up, cuz half way there, waux needed a cool down before making it the rest of the way¡ (...but, what would a van trip be without a little engine trouble?¡ felt just like home)

We did make it to Narnia afterall and what a beautiful spot. Enormous boulders all over the place and a pretty little porto-potty just in case.

spotted some rock climbers and boulderers. bouldering- imagine a hackysack player crossed with a skate boarder crossed with a momix dancer. S/He sets up a tumble mat next to a large rock and tapes up her fingers and starts feeling around the contours of a surface area and goes about "solving" his problem. subtle shifts of weight in her hand and body may not look like much more than a gentle scalp massage, but her quest is quenched we she can lift her body's weight onto the boulder.

more adventures to come¡