Monday, March 22, 2010

Tales from The Crypt

Holy Moly¡
bottoms up¡ has been

Hot Dog Gearheads. Especially the one on the right.

Outward Bound.
As you see here, we made the most of the northern hemisphere's snow filled winter to cram in a little action adventure shoot from the top of Mt. Killington, VT. RC took to the slopes for a little alpine fantasy reportage, creating much confusion and amusement (confusement?) amongst the sporty downhill racers.

"No, this isn't a live action Flintsones remake"

Nothing like a gentle, cool mountain breeze.
After many invigorating hours spent on the icy slopes slipping around sans skis, we sure were happy to find this pretty little wooded area in the ski lodge. Good thing we left a trail of saltine crackers to find our way back down the mountain.

Hansel and Hansel? Gretel and Gretel? Kramer vs Kramer?

Stay tuned. Next stop on this space odyssey : TORONTO!