Sunday, November 29, 2009


top of the muffin to you¡ ....or mince pie anyone?

heading out for a tramp (a walk or hike) gets the appetite going, so on the way to Castle hill, we stopped in at a cafe to sample our first venison and chicken pies (all sold out of mince). imagine a mini, fluffy, handheld buttery chicken pot pie. pretty delish.
maybe the waux (coralie and ryan's van) was jealous of our little pick me up, cuz half way there, waux needed a cool down before making it the rest of the way¡ (...but, what would a van trip be without a little engine trouble?¡ felt just like home)

We did make it to Narnia afterall and what a beautiful spot. Enormous boulders all over the place and a pretty little porto-potty just in case.

spotted some rock climbers and boulderers. bouldering- imagine a hackysack player crossed with a skate boarder crossed with a momix dancer. S/He sets up a tumble mat next to a large rock and tapes up her fingers and starts feeling around the contours of a surface area and goes about "solving" his problem. subtle shifts of weight in her hand and body may not look like much more than a gentle scalp massage, but her quest is quenched we she can lift her body's weight onto the boulder.

more adventures to come¡

Friday, November 27, 2009

!Gobble Gobble¡

Happpppy Thanksgivvving!

how'd that mozzarella get in here?

Yes even in the nether lands we gave our thanks......
We were very tit elated to take many a New Zealander's Thanksgiving virginity. They were quite impressed by the size of our......spread. We swapped the turkey for some tasty roast chickens, and Layla improvised two pies using some deep dish casserole plates. We had a small setback with the mysterious NZ electric oven-- grilled apple pie anyone?-- but aside from that and a few minor oven burns we successfully indoctrinated our friends in good ol' American't gluttony.
S+ L
definitely the most controversial dish, but also maybe the most delicious!

discovering Thanksgiving!


C.L.U. E. opened Tuesday night @ The Physics Room¡
TPR family portrait...the lovely Jamie, Kate and Vanessa (aka 'Nessa)

robbinschilds kicked off the evening in magenta tracing the perimeter of the gallery.
Brave new friend, Nico, in surround sound

Monitor mountain range

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(kiwi)dipthong..thong..thong..thong. thong!

Ayelo theyuh! Nu Zuilund fanz,
Toodaiys post eees ment ta b red n a Keewee accent. Sew, pleyuz set bak, poor ya'self a toll won, an don't forget to red a'loud while standin' on your hed, eh?

Now wheyuh were we... ah thas right. heyuh in jeisus chroistchurch, eh? Now, we're sitting heyuh on our heds with our new mate and naybuh, Clare. Clare's a Chroistchurch naitive, aka eh, Kiwi, eh? Eh. Now, Clare's anartist, and she 'appens to alsew be in rezidnece at the ChroistchurchArtes Centre. We've bin 'avin a groit time of it gittin to no her.

Still with us? Yea? Not too knackered yet? Alright. Aces. Sew, Clare. Tell the folks in America something about yourself, mebbe a bit about yor practis:

"Wot me? oh ma gawd, I'm going ta git some whisky."
(editors note: Clare's right, it is annoying what we're subjecting her to. She a very good sport. eh?)
"Baisically it's hard to not sound like a wanka.."
Groit, eggselent point. Now, for the folks at 'ome, eef you had to chewuz just won, wots your favorite kiwi expreshun. Mebbe a noice cheeky won. Go on...

"How about a nu zeelund conspiracy myth instead? Wot about the Rambo worior-"


"Uh...newuh... raiNbow. Basically it was protesting against nucleayuh testing in Fre-anch Polyneeeesha "

Oh oh you mean Rainbow Warrior, the ship.

"Yea. Rainbow Warrior belonged to Greenpeace, and it got bombed, well it got sunk. it sank in the port of Awcklund. In the urly 1980's. Nu Zealund has been neayuhly nucleayah free, not just the land the woters also. Sew we don't allow any of your US ships that have nucleayah power into our woters. Sew the story goes that it was two Fre-anch agents who worked from the inside."

Gentle raidars, pleyz wiki for more enfo:

(Sohry 'Nessa, we dewn't know how to properly dew linx. No worries eh?)

Grayte, sew now we knowah. Nu Zeallunnd: No-ah Nukes. No-ah Snakes. No-ah squirrils. No-ah cops with guns. No-ah shirts and no-ah jandals but ya steel git sirvuce. But you don't have to tip.

Alright mates. Seeya laytuh. S'long from the bottom of th' world.
The luvly Clayah

Monday, November 23, 2009

leggo my pukeko!

C.L.U.E. opens tonight at The Physics Room

Last night after a long day at the gallery Kate M. of TPR took us on a gorgeous sunset beach walk.

We learned what a Pukeku is and its not a frozen waffle... its the regal chicken's cousin, a bird variety that we won't be eating for friendsgiving¡

xo S + L

ps for curb your ethusiasm enthusiasts, this is not to be missed¡

Saturday, November 21, 2009

jesus christchurch! we're in the southern hemisphere¡

RC unpacks C.L.U.E. at The Physics Room in Christchurch, New Zealand¡

everyone in New York was having a simply ridykeulouse weekend (I just spent 13 minutes googling to remember how to spell ridykeulouse¡), robbinschilds (equal but differently hard to spell¡) is living it up down in the southern hem. Sad as we were to miss this weekends not to be missed festivities (ridyke, X- and Anna Halprin), we're feelin pretty pretty good from the bottom to the top¡ and if you're wondering why i'm exclaiming my enthusiasm with upsidedown exclamation points, its because a lot of things are opposite here in New Zealand. the water whooshes the opposite way when you flush, they drive on the left side of the road, its just turning summer in late November, and even in a town named after our lord, the police men and women don't carry firearms. (We learned a bit from the friendly police officer, Paul, who we sat next to on the plane down here. He'd just been visiting Denver on a cultural exchange and was shocked when asked by his American host cop what firearm he had with him while in town. Paul wasn't packing then and he isn't isn't packing now even as I write this blog.) With just 50 murders per year in the whole country, you have to ask yourself which came first, the chicken or the gun?¡ ...I dunno, I guess I'll have the lamb.

RC is being very nicely accommodated while here on our very first monthlong residency. We've been given a super cute apartment in the neo-goth Arts Center complex with our very own farmers market and weekend crafts bazar. Mostly been busy installing our show which opens Tuesday night at but fit in some exploring with our new friends. See Sonya and Layla go swimming in the chilly pacific.
more soon ....
xo S + L

the lovely gallery gals at TPR, Kate M. and Vanessa brrr cold