Sunday, November 29, 2009


top of the muffin to you¡ ....or mince pie anyone?

heading out for a tramp (a walk or hike) gets the appetite going, so on the way to Castle hill, we stopped in at a cafe to sample our first venison and chicken pies (all sold out of mince). imagine a mini, fluffy, handheld buttery chicken pot pie. pretty delish.
maybe the waux (coralie and ryan's van) was jealous of our little pick me up, cuz half way there, waux needed a cool down before making it the rest of the way¡ (...but, what would a van trip be without a little engine trouble?¡ felt just like home)

We did make it to Narnia afterall and what a beautiful spot. Enormous boulders all over the place and a pretty little porto-potty just in case.

spotted some rock climbers and boulderers. bouldering- imagine a hackysack player crossed with a skate boarder crossed with a momix dancer. S/He sets up a tumble mat next to a large rock and tapes up her fingers and starts feeling around the contours of a surface area and goes about "solving" his problem. subtle shifts of weight in her hand and body may not look like much more than a gentle scalp massage, but her quest is quenched we she can lift her body's weight onto the boulder.

more adventures to come¡

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