Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mission Eft Possible

Hang on Mate! get back here! Layla tries to run away from the camera outside of the Christchurch Contemporary Art Gallery.

Thanks to our mates at The Physics Room Kate and 'Nessa, we finagled our way into the grand opening ceremonies of the newly designed building.

We spent a little quality time with Nico, enjoying a spot o' sunshine before heading into tha' foyer aka lobby.

Once inside we endured eft possibly the longest welcoming speech known to wo-man-kind. However this backbreakingaching durational ritual was brigthened by the sight of Sonya and Layla circa 2040. We were only able to shoot these two awesome birds from behind, but try gentle reader, to guess who's who... Here's a hint, one of them was just before the picture happily gnawing away at a wedge of toast. Correct guesses awards you a bare bottoms up.

Who's who?!?!?!?!?!

Some local flotsam and jetsom here, in the form of birthday boy Oscar. Happy 17th Mate!

Once the speeches wrapped up, we poked around checking out the art. The gallery has a nice collection, Must give special shout out to Nathan Pohio who's wonderful diptych held us captive for a quite awhile. Bravo Nathan.

And finally, you might be wondering what "Eft Pos" could eft possibly mean? Well, it's the local method of using your debit card. So anytime you need to pay for something without cashola, you gotta ask yourself. "Hey is that really eft possible?".

The local Op Shop aka thrift store called The Cat Protection League!!!!

And finally the local Crystal Palace.

Beaming love from NZ.
your mates,