Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We live there.
Holy days and nights in JesusChristchurch.

We had assumed that this mural showed a tender moment between Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mum, but no, it's just a couple of jolly NZ gals sharing a laugh.

Ye gads, do our holy days and nights fly by down here. We've been pounding the pavement on our handy, silver cylces. Here's our new bike gang: The Silverados. Members welcome...

We introduced this new style of vertical bike security to the tough streets of Jesus Crimechurch.

In addition to prowling the mean streets of ChCh, robbinschilds was pleased as Pavolva punch to receive a dinner invite to sup with the lovely
famiglia Montgomery. Kate the Great lives in a magical cottage, although who knows what goes on in her "off limits" rooms. Bootlegging psychedelic Elderflower wine Katherine? We were joined by Mont and Carm, Kate's spunky parentals, who whipped up this Pavlovian masterpiece. For those who don't know, The Pavlova dessert was invented right here in NZ. Do not believe the Australians....

NZ pride. RC adopts the Montgomerys ( The Montgomeri)

And finally here we are after a wonderful second day of shooting with John Chrisstoffels, a ChCh treasure!



  1. tell us, your public, about what you're working on - or is that a NZ state secret?!

  2. Did you see this: