Saturday, December 5, 2009

To the left to the left¡

Left is right and right is wrong here in New Zealand...
when you're driving that is¡
We rented a car and took Sonya's mum's very sage advice to repeat the following mantra:
To the left, to the left!

It took quite a bit of concentration initially to adjust to being on the wrong side of the road but we got the hang of it in no time and headed out of Jesus Christchurch to see more of this beautiful country.

Stopped in for a hot soak at Marouia springs. Sulfur baths, sand flies and Germans in a picturesque setting.

Then onto a town called Blackball best known for its salami and being the site of the most haunted building in all of NZ¡ We spent the night in the Blue, I mean Blackball Hilton and had to bravely fend off an enormous spider before drifting off, not so much, on our lumpy saggy bed that was better than the lumpy saggy breakfast. Hmm, I don't know about you but does Spaghetti O's sound like B&B fare to you?
Then to the "west coast". The wondrous Tasman Sea.
The amazing "pancake rocks" made up in spades for the breakfast debacle. Slivers of rock formations slowly being worn away by rough ocean...spectacular¡
Gorgeous river walk in lush tropical vegetation. Hats are an absolute must here just underneath the hole in the ozone.
An afternoon at "dorky park"

more tales to come... stay tuned¡
oh and P.S. we realized that Orion and all the constellations are upside down¡

xo S + L

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